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Grades 1-3

Design, Experiment and Build with us! Classes will be all about learning through making. We will conduct science experiments and explore technology through tinkering. We will design in 3D, build electronic circuits and make engineering structures. We will devise solutions with hands-on projects and problem solve with mathematics and coding games.

Program Dates: January 3 - February 18

Day and Time: 7 Saturdays 9.00-11.00 am

Venue: In-Person in Lexington, MA

Class size will be limited to allow for social

distancing (with masks)

Tuition: $399


Grades 1-3 

Roaring dinosaurs, whirring helicopters and cool cars...Come join us for Lego Robotics!


Every class will begin with a Lego building challenge that will include regular and technic Legos. Then we will learn to build and code with Lego WeDo. We will make models of machines, vehicles, animals and more and learn to mechanize the models with programming.           

Program Dates: January 3 - February  18

Day and Time: 7 Thursdays 4.30-6 pm

Venue: In-Person (Students will need their own kit and device)

Tuition: $299

         Grades 4-5




Introducing Lego Robotics for children who love to build but have grown out of Lego WeDo!


 This club will use the Spike Prime kit to build and mechnize creations.   

Program Dates: February  1 - March 31

Day and Time: 8 Tuesdays 4.30-6 pm

Venue: In-Person (Students will need their own device. Kits will be provided. )

Tuition: $399

Private coaching is now available for:

FLL Teams who plan to participate in FLL Robotics 2022 Season

Robotics clubs


Please contact us separately here.


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