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 Join Our STEM Club

Our STEM Club is geared towards Elementary age children. During our time together we read and talk about field specific role models. We explore Science through hands on experiment/s, explore technology through tinkering, learn about engineering by building and problem solve with mathematics and coding games.



Girls begin to lose interest in Math and Science as early as middle school. Why is that? Many factors contribute to their loss of confidence. Stereotyping, lack of role-models and self judgement to name a few. From education system and social pressures to the popular culture that promotes stereotypes, it is an uphill battle. By the time college comes around, only 7% of STEM majors are female.

What can we do about a structural problem that cripples the potential of so many? I believe that the issue should be addressed from bottom up by encouraging girls to participate in STEM activities from a young age. This is was the inspiration for starting a club where girls can have the freedom to fail, make and then fail confidently while learning how cool these fields are.

A peek at some past projects.

Lexington’s first of its kind STEM club exclusively for girls.

Hands On Building


Fun, Non-competitive Environment

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