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STEM Fun for Kids

Mission & Vision

My TinkerClub was founded with a vision to bring the love of building and making to young minds. We conduct Tech clubs for Elementary age children, introducing them to latest technologies such as Scratch, TinkerCAD, Robotics  and hands-on Maker projects.

We also design STEM programs for educational institutions interested in setting up a Maker Based curriculum for their students. Our clients include Boston Area Elementary and Middle Schools as well as Coding Schools. 


Building fun with our littlest learners!

How do kids make sense of the world around them; from atoms to reproduction of cells?

For us Science is about building Curiosity

Scaffolding Technologies have led to human progress. 

We nurture an attitude of discovery and wonder as we learn about different technologies. 

Failing is an engineer's best friend. 

Here kids can fail comfortably and never feel out of place

For us Engineering is learning how to fail then get building again

Math is all around us; from the petals of flowers to the spirals of a snail's shell

For us Math is fascinating and we love to spread that fascination

Our Philosophy

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